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Future breeding plans!

We are a very small home-based breeding program, meaning, our dog and puppies live in our house! So it gets a little full when we have puppies. The puppies literally grow up right in our living space, so they're used to all the sounds of the home: the coffee grinder, clanging pots, garburator, vacuum cleaner, TV etc!

The puppy price will be $3600. This includes a $200 rebate returned when the puppy is spay/neutered, plus GST.

We are thrilled to announce that we have made a match for Hope's next litter!


MDBA Registration #079871F
Straight  coated
Medium 18"
DNA tested
Hips, elbows, eyes tested

Puppies are planned for SPRING 2024!

We want to thank  Angela St. Onge of  Sun Valley for sharing the wonderful boy with us!!

If you're interested in a Magenta Sky puppy, please contact us to be placed on the waiting list.
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