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Fifth Avenue High's Hopeful Wait

or as we call her, 


Hope took a long journey from the Netherlands to Canada in February of 2021. She arrived as calm and stable as her breed is! You can see the video of her arrival below in the Photo Gallery.


We are thankful to Renee Holman from Fifth Avenue Australian Cobberdogs for entrusting us with this girl! Hope arrived during Canada's winter, and loved the snow at first sight!


Her momma is Rutlands Scottie, daughter of Springhill's Secret Desire, and her poppa is the wonderful Tegan's So Worth the Wait (TAVERN). She has other wonderful lines in her pedigree, making her a truly lovely girl!


IMG_6107 2.HEIC

She is a large medium at 21 inches, weights 48 lbs and is straight coated.

She is DNA tested by Orivert
Hips and eyes by OFA and MDBA

Hope has been a wonderful momma of 17 puppies! We think this is enough, and so this will be her last litter! She will enjoy her retirement with us!!

Introducing our own breeding prospect,
who we call 

Red carries a brand new Cobberdog line! Her sire Jagger,  is from Dutchproud Cobberdogs in the Netherlands, and Red is from his first litter sired in North America.
Red has a beautiful straight coat that has  turned to a golden red!  As a young pup, she displayed confidence and steadiness!  
Once Red has had all her health testing done, she'll be approved for our program! We anticipate wonderful litters from this beautiful lady!
Red lives with her wonderful guardian family, John and Jacquie! She often gets to go to work with John and has many days at their cabin on an island in northern Saskatchewan! She's has a wonderful life!
She's working on her training as you see in this video!
Red Willow is developing into a beautiful girl! She will be a true medium! Her guardian home is working with her training towards therapy certification.
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