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 Australian Cobberdogs


Australian Cobberdogs are a new breed in development. They became a registered breed with the Masters Dog Breeder Association out of Australia in 2011. Currently, there are less than a half dozen ACD breeders in Canada. While they are often confused with the Labradoodle, they are not a Labradoodle. Having said that, I like to explain that they are related to the Labradoodle the way a West Highland Terrier and a Scottish Terrier are related-- at their origin, but from their origin, the ACD further developed away from just a lab and a poodle. To learn more about this new and developing breed of the Australian Cobberdog, check out this link by one of the founders of the Australian Cobberdog.

The Australian Cobberdog at their beginnings

About Cobberdogs

"Cobber" is colloquial for "friend" in Australian. They are a companion breed and therefore thrive in company. The breed has been developed to serve as therapy, service and support animals. They have exceptional human eye contact, and are very perceptive to emotional needs. As all humans are not alike in temperament, neither are all Cobberdogs, but they all share the above qualities. Some litters have more energy and love playing and fetching, while others prefer to loll around your feet. As with any puppy, they do not come trained, and do require consistency in training, and good socialization with other animals and humans in order to develop into that wonderful pet you always dreamed of. This takes time and energy, and poor training is not the fault of the breed as the responsibility falls on the owner to be consistent in this.

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IMG_5461 2.HEIC

Sizes and Weight

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ACD's come in a variety of sizes, colours and coats. Sizes range from mini's to standards. Color's range from white to blacks, including parti's.  Coats range from curly to straight. 

Hope is a large medium at 21" and 40 lbs, and is a straight fleeced apricot/red.

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