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Adoption and Pricing


Responsible pet owners understand that their pet is an investment. Please do your research to see if a Cobberdog is right for your family and lifestyle. 

The price of pet puppy is $3600.  There is a $500 NON - REFUNDABLE deposit  which is required  once you've decided that this is the breed for you, and that we are your breeder. This holds your place in line for upcoming litter, and is deducted from the the final payment at puppy pick up! When your puppy is spay/neutered, a $200 rebate is returned to you upon veterinary proof of the spay/neuter.

We require the first rights to have the puppy/dog back (for no fee) if you are unable to care for the dog or need to re-home it. We NEVER want any of our puppies to end up in an unwanted home, a home that is not conducive to the breed, or an animal shelter.

If you're interested in a Magenta Sky puppy and would like to add your name to the next litter wait list, we ask you to contact us. This will be followed up by a conversation or phone call for you to ask me questions, and for me to get to know you, and determine what temperament of puppy would be best suited for your home and lifestyle. We do not make puppy allocations until they are around 6-7 weeks old, when their temperaments can be determined. We will try to honour as many requests that you have (ie. color, sex) but please know that pairing the right puppy with the right family is far more important than having a male or having a female, etc.

Cobberdogs are a very healthy breed, and while we don't anticipate any health issues, all physical bodies have the potential of becoming ill, dogs included. Both our dogs and the sires  we use are DNA tested with their  full breed profile, a list of diseases for their breed, and our guaranteed only covers those tests/conditions  available at the time of testing. Occasionally, a test will be added to the breed profile after we have tested. Our DNA health guarantee does not cover those conditions/tests that emerge after we have tested. If a genetic issue were to arise in your puppy within the first 2 years, we would: refund you half the payment if you wish to keep the puppy, or, provide a replacement puppy, if you choose, after returning the original puppy to us.


We do not cover illnesses and conditions that are related to general puppy/dog care, such as feeding, exercise, grooming, ear/eye/nail care. We would have our vet confirm if the condition is genetic, meaning that we had bred a dog(s) that did not have sound health to begin with, rather than a puppy/dog becoming ill as an "act of nature".  Pet owners are fully responsible for illnesses resulting from an "act of nature" (meaning no one is to blame). As much as everyone tries their best, sometimes, it is just a happening of nature that we or our furry family members become ill.

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